Updated: September 20th, 2021

Community Covid-19 Update: Things Remain Fluid

The State of New Mexico, our local resort, the local community, and the Edelweiss have been closely aligned and have all worked together to execute a plan that allowed our resort community to operate a safe and enjoyable winter ski season.  The Edelweiss Lodge and Spa along with Taos Ski Valley Inc. have been certified as a New Mexico Safe Certified Businesses, and will abide by all required safe practices and more to keep our community and visitors safe.  As things continue evolve we remain committed to safe practices and following all state and local guidelines and safety protocols to assure that visitors this summer and winter also can be sure of a safe visit.

We are thrilled to report that our community’s efforts allowed us to successfully navigate the 2020-21 winter ski season without any known outbreaks in our community and we remain confident that we can continue to do the same into the future.  With Covid cases on the increase in our community and the state of New Mexico, the Governor just announced a new public health order requiring the use of masks for all individuals over the age of 2 years regardless of vaccination status  in all indoor public settings except when eating or drinking.

The focus of our community’s efforts has been and remains not simply to open, but to ensure that we can remain open by avoiding opportunities for the virus to come to our community and spread within it.  Some common sense practices will still be asked of our visitors as we feel these are a small price to pay to continue to insure that the Corona Virus does not take hold again in our community.  We continue to count on you to help us make this a safe and enjoyable summer for all our guests. The following is a review of various aspects of the guest experience in Taos Ski Valley and the Edelweiss this summer and how a visit this summer will differ from the past.


Returning to Normal!: What to Expect (& What Not to Expect) this Summer and Winter

On July 1st, the State of New Mexico lifted all pandemic related occupancy restrictions on business throughout the state and retired its “Red to Green” framework.  A current public health order effective August 20th until at least October 1st requires that all individuals over the age of 2 years and regardless of vaccination status wear a mask when in indoor public settings- except when eating or drinking.  The following is a summary of the latest updates that we feel all guests should be aware of prior to visiting Taos Ski Valley and the Edelweiss Lodge and Spa.

Food and Beverage: Blonde Bear Tavern/Cafe Naranja OnLine Ordering  (Closed until winter ski season)

Dining options in Taos Ski Valley are more limited this summer than in the past with both the Stray Dog Cantina and the beloved St. Bernard closed indefinitely.  The lasting impact of Covid on the hospitality industry and the labor force continue to be felt in our community with employee recruitment being a tremendous challenge.  Due the labor shortages many are business and food and beverage operations in particular have been forced to limit their services with fewer days of services and/or shortened hours of operation and offerings.  Please keep this in mind as you plan for your food and beverage needs during a visit to the area.

The Cafe Naranja will be open from Memorial Day weekend through to early September offering breakfast and lunch from 8am to 2pm each Friday through Monday.  Stay tuned for the updated menu coming soon.  The menu is being offered to dine in with indoor and outdoor seating options as well as to go.  See our updated menu HERE.

Currently there is only one restaurant (Rhoda’s Restaurant) offering dinner in Taos Ski Valley.  There are a number of restaurant operations trying to assure at least one options for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.  Here is a link to the latest offerings along with hours of operation and contact information for each.

Our condominiums all feature full kitchens including all the gadgets you’d find at home for a comfortable cooking experience.  We are encouraging our guests to bring some groceries along so that you can be a little more self-sufficient.  Here in the ski valley we have a small convenience store that offers all the basics (bread, eggs, milk, soup, etc.).  If you require produce or specialty items you will need to do your grocery shopping at home or in the town of Taos.

Edelweiss Hot Tub, Dry Sauna, and Exercise Room:  As of July 1st the Edelweiss’ dry sauna, hot tub, and fitness center are open to Edelweiss guests each day from 8am to 9pm.  These amenities have not been affected by the latest public health order however this is subject to change with new public health orders in the future.

The Spa at the Edelweiss:  The spa is also open this summer for massage services for Edelweiss guests and the general public offering  world class massage and body work treatments.  Due to new, heightened cleaning protocols we have had to reduce the number of appointments offered per day.  Please book ahead of time if you are interested in a session with one of our talented and experienced therapists.  With some exceptions all reservations must be made prior to 6pm the night before the scheduled treatment.  Note that some of our therapists have not been vaccinated and guests can request specifically to be treated by a vaccinated therapist if they are available.

We have also applied new screening requirements which have been put in place to assure the safety of our guests and therapists alike.   You can contact our spa director at 575-770-8934 or by email at katkett@hotmail.com.

For a complete list of therapies offered this winter along with pricing please visit our Spa Webpage.


Deposit/Cancellation Policies for Summer 2021  

All summer/fall reservations are subject to the policies and guidelines set forth below.

  • All reservations will be secured with a credit card and an advanced deposit equal to 50% of the total projected stay value.
  • Any cancellation made up to 7 days prior to your scheduled arrival is subject to a $100 (plus tax) cancellation fee or the amount of the deposit whichever is less. For cancellations made less than 7 days prior to your arrival, a charge equal to one night or the paid deposit is non-refundable, whichever is less.
  • For any cancellation within 24 hours of the scheduled arrival time, the full value of the stay will charged.

Deposit/Cancellation Policies for Winter 2021 /2022

All winter (ski season) reservations are subject to the policies and guidelines set forth below.

  • All reservations will be secured with a credit card and an advanced deposit equal to 50% of the total projected stay value.
  • For all holiday season reservations (Dec. 17-Jan. 3 and March 10-20) the advanced deposit is non-refundable after 45 days prior to arrival. For cancellations prior to 45 days prior to arrival there is a $250 (+tax) cancellation fee. The balance for holiday period reservations is due and non-refundable 21 days prior to scheduled arrival.
  • For all other periods any cancellation made up to 15 days prior to your scheduled arrival, 15% of the paid deposit or $100 (+tax) whichever is larger will be non-refundable. For cancellations made 14 days or less prior to your arrival, the full deposit is non-refundable.

Reservations for the winter of 2021/22

As you are surely aware, the future is hard to predict and the course of the pandemic remains very much unknown.  We will continue to follow any and all requirements and protocols to keep our staff, community, and visitors safe.  What form those requirements and protocols take is to be determined.  We will continue to update this page and adjust and adapt our policies and procedures to take into account the impact the pandemic may have on travel and operations for the coming winter.  Currently there is no indication that the resort’s operations will be adjusted from “normal” in response to the pandemic but it is also too soon to know that for sure.

We are thrilled to be open and welcoming visitors back to our beautiful community and hope that the policies and requirements laid out will help you be more informed and feel more comfortable during your visit.

This is what we know now and is subject to change.  We will do our best to keep you informed with changes as they occur.

-Kent Forte, General Manager

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