The Edelweiss Spa

Specialing in custom deep-tissue massages, all natural facials, and body scrubs.

Spa Winter Hours: Open daily by appointment from 11am to 7pm.
For Appointments or More Information Call: 575-737-6900 ext. 0
The Edelweiss Spa is open to Edelweiss guests and the public alike.

In addition to spa treatments, we also offer private and small group yoga classes and we can design custom retreats for groups. Retreats can be combined with lodging and meal packages.

Our massage therapy team is comprised of advanced therapists/body workers each with at least 10 years of experience.

Our spa services are open to the public as well as Edelweiss guests with advance reservations. Please contact the Edelweiss Concierge Desk at 800-458-8754 for more information or to make reservations.

Spa Menu

Integrative Wholistic Technique
A deeply satisfying integrative whole-body experience drawing upon Sweedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Cranio Sacral, Polarity, Eastern and Sports Massage techniques tailored to your individual needs.
50 minutes – $130
80 minutes – $175
110 minutes – $210

Rio Hondo Hot Rocks & Facial Package
A 60 minute hot rocks massge using heated basalt river rocks to relive tension and align the chakras. This treatment is the perfect way to warm up, relieve stress, and relax after a cold day on the slopes. The Hot Rocks massage may also be combined with with a 50 minute facial to complete the nourishing experience.
110 minutes – $235
80 minutes (Hot Rocks only) – $190

Facial and Reflexology
A rejuvinating facial designed to cleanse, exfoliate, nad rehydrate the skin while proving stress relief and deep relaxation. A therapeutic as well as relaxing treatment complimented by 30 minutes of foot reflexology. The products used are all natural and safe for sensitive skin whlie the treatment can be tailored to suit specific skin types. The facial can also be offered alone.
80 minutes – $190
50 minutes (Facial Only) – $130

The Tres Piedras Treatment
The “three rocks” treament focuses on the three overly stressed extremities of the body: an extensive head, hands, and feet massage focused on relieving tension.
50 minutes – $130

Cornmeal Body Scrub & Massage
A warm aromatic oil and exfoliating scrub improves your skin’s texture while leaving it smooth and energized.  The scrub is followed by a full body massge that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. The ultimate renewal.
80 minutes – $190

Four Hands Massage
The ultimate massage experience! An incredibly nurturing tandem massage performed by two therpists utilizing integrative holistic techniques tailored to address your specific needs and requests.
50 minutes – $210
80 minutes – $250

Yoga, Pilates, Body Rolling, & Dance Classes
Warm up the body or cool it down with our regularly scheduled conditioning classes designed to align your body while strengthening and toning your core. Our highly motivated and experienced instructors will prepare you for your best day on the slopes ever, or recover from the worst. Please inquire about class schedules with our reception department or ask about private lessons if the schedule does not suit your needs.
Groups Classes, 60 minutes – $12
Private Classes, 60 minutes – $65

Small Group Retreats

Would you like to escape for a weekend with your friends and deepen your personal growth through a custom retreat? We specialize in custom retreats and will work with you to create a custom program including yoga, body treatments, and personal healthy cuisine that will fits your needs.

Yoga means to “yoke” or to “union” the mind and body with the spirit. In the west, we have adapted yoga into a variety of disciplines including stretching to prevent injury and heal the connective tissues in the body. Private yoga can facilitate the process of developing a home practice that is safe, learning breath technique with asana and reducing stress.

Our Accommodations